Champloo Music at BASTA!

Escaping boredom? Beat the daily grind? Give the dreariness of life a good kick in the ass?

Your Good Feelings patrons from Champloo present THE temporary save space for all friends of bass-heavy electronic 4/4 rhythms.
On May 18, Grizzly and Dwellonski will be administering a feel-good cure of massive beats, progressive house, a pinch of trance and other electronic smut. Monomood whos new EP "The Thoughtful Siren" on ColorCode records is in stores right now will be bringing out the big guns, serving up live programmed acid cocktails with techno umbrellas and wrapping you in driving beats.

We think it will be good...everything will be good... You are great!

  Samstag, 18. Mai 2024

   Hotherstr. 25, 02826 Görlitz


Monomood (Berlin)

Grizzly (Berlin)

Dwellonski (GR)