• R Æ P P E N (Saami lands)
  • B O R N E B Y T E M P E S T (Czechia)
  • Out of Phase (Crust, Grind, Sludge / Dresden)
  • Flirt (Screamo, Punk / Leipzig)

Throat singing overflowing into the farthest bays of our souls. Fragments of ancient folk with primitive motifs carved into the nameless language of consonance and engraved into the arms of our nethermost unreachable being, but also dark vulcanic and frosty drone frozen to the pith of coal, or endlessly rushing masses of dark ambient moraines. This and many more could be seen and heard in this, in many aspects atypical, evening which will take place as part of the common tour of Ræppen and Borne By Tempest. Let yourself disappear and pour your melting senses over the unsuspected caverns of your own unconsciousness.

Date: 19.10.2019

Time: 19:00-23:30