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OVVLS – Synth/Dark Pop – Liverpool

SUIR – cinematic Post Punk – Frankfurt

„In the midst of overbearing female pop idols and a plethora of guitar bands, OVVLS had made a pact to go against the grain and be anything but ordinary. With musical backgrounds that were worlds apart, the pair fused to break boundaries and challenge genre ideals producing music that has been said to ‘flirt with psychedelia, post-punk and rock n roll sounds without ever pledging allegiance to one’.

This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for the drifters, make believers, incessant thinkers and hopeless romantics.“

SUIR is a Frankfurt based duo founded 2016. In a constant interplay of guitars and synthesizers, supported by industrialesque drumbeats and melancholic lyrics, SUIR produces a reverberated psychedelic post-punk defined by dense, lynchesque sound walls and a hypnotic visualisation. Their live show creates a powerful and atmospheric feeling like waking up from a dark and intense dream.

OPEN: 19:00
START: 20:00